3 Tips to Re-Energize You

Sometimes we’re so passionate about giving, encouraging, and helping others we forget to recharge ourselves. I’m guilty of that and pay dearly when I do. I know I’ve overdone it when I feel the slow but heavy pressure in my head. Not a migraine, yet, but close. It’s on the way. It means I’ve worked 10-12 hour days with 5 hours sleep for 3 days or more. Now I’m feeling the pressure.

I get a little cranky, feel a little moody. I enter a room, my family leaves. It’s time to wind down.

Image Credit: Wendell

Image Credit: Wendell

When you and I are really passionate about something, anything, we can work, work, work. If you’ve been pushing yourself to do just one more thing, here are a few ways to re-energize you:

1. Sit Intentionally- Raise your right hand and say, “I will sit in my favorite spot for 10 minutes.” No more no less. Amazing things happen when you sit. You sigh. You can’t help it. You’ll sigh and feel a sense of relief. It’s awesome to think that just getting off your feet for a few minutes can create such a feeling of “Aaaaaah.”


2. Nap Intentionally- Nope. It’s not a misprint. Napping is my secret sauce. I work late into the night, but live for my 2pm nap on Sundays. Every week, for three years, I’ve been napping at 2 or close to it. How did it start? I set a specific time to nap and scheduled everything else around it. When my husband, James and I would go grocery shopping on Sundays, I would remind him, “Back by two.”

The best thirty minutes of my weekend. I can’t begin to tell you how alive I feel when I’m done! Nap intentionally. Set a day and time to recharge. Better yet, “I will recharge my mind and body on (day)______ at (time)_____ for (minutes)____.” See, it’s not so bad when we write it down. : ) I can’t wait to hear how it made you feel.


3. Unplug Intentionally- Yes. Your cell phone. Easy? Not at all but so worth it. In order for me to nap for 30 minutes (#2), I have to unplug my phone. My sister loves to call during nap time. Sorry sis. I either turn it off or place it in another room so I don’t hear it hum. I’m a light sleeper and even when my phone is on vibrate I jump up!

When we’re out here trying to save the world, we may feel uneasy about being unaccessible. I definitely understand that. I’ve made it a practice to tell family and friends when I’m unaccessible. That way they know what to expect. Create a specific time to step back and recharge, and watch your energy levels go way up!

Wishing you a day filled with more energy, passion, and you! To your well-being!

When do you need the most re-energizing? (Please share your comment below)

Why Retreats Are A Necessity. . . Not A Luxury

Years ago, I would balk at the idea of going on a retreat. “Who has time?” Was my only comeback. It seemed like a complete waste of time and money. . . until I went. It was an experience I will treasure forever. The money?

Worth every dime.

I had no idea how much I needed—really needed —it. That’s when it hit me. Relaxing, reflecting, and reconnecting with myself wasn’t a luxury—it was a necessity.

Image Credit: James Wheeler

Image Credit: James Wheeler

If you feel the way I did, here’s why you may need a women’s well-being retreat more than you think and what you can expect:

1. To sharpen your focus– You may have a challenge or crisis you’ve been struggling with for some time. Every time you decide to step out of the ring, take off your boxing gloves, moving away from the problem, temporarily—you give yourself room. You sharpen your focus. Every moment you spend relaxing your mind, body, and muscles. . . gives you room, strength, and a sharper focus. Things that didn’t make sense, begin to. Things in your life become clearer and clearer.


2. To freshen your perspective– You return with new eyes. You have ideas where you only saw problems. Retreats can do that. When you change your space, you can’t help but change. Inspiring friends give you inspiring ideas. Inspiring spaces make you feel inspired.


3. To feed your soul– If your soul is the seed, retreats are the soil. Retreats have a way of nourishing you inside and out. How? With the right mix of seed, soil, and sun. Relaxation, reflection, and renewal.


So before you balk at the idea of retreating, don’t. You may gain far more than you imagine. I hope you jump at the chance to relax, reflect, and reconnect to you.

I can’t wait to hear about your adventure.

What does your body, mind, and soul need right now? (Please share your comment below)

5 Words of Wisdom and Well-being from My Mom

My mom is still the wisest person I know. In fact, I appreciate her wit and wisdom now more than ever. The older I get the wiser she becomes. She is my greatest well-being teacher. She walks the walk.

This Mother’s Day, I’d love to share 5 words of wisdom and well-being from my mom. A few ways she encourages me to take care of myself. You’ll probably nod as you hear the wisdom of your own mom encouraging you to take care of YOU.

Image Credit: Maja Dumat

Image Credit: Maja Dumat

#1- Rest– As a cancer survivor and thriver, she knows the value of rest. Rest and rest well. Without guilt. Rest, relax, and heal.

#2-Release– Mom taught me how to let go. If it is not in my best interest, why should I keep it? What do you need to release?

#3-Relish– My mom is a master at savoring small moments. She takes nothing for granted. With every phone call she ends with, “It’s so good to hear your voice.” It brings me to tears. What do you need to savor?

#4-Wonder– Be curious about everything. When we wonder we learn and learning keeps us young forever.

#5-Wander– Go places you’ve never been to learn things you’ve never considered. As a world traveler, she taught me we learn much about ourselves and others when we wander. . . with purpose.

Here’s to the most beautiful job on the planet. As you celebrate your mom this Mother’s Day, remember just how amazing you are!

What are your favorite words of wisdom from your mom? (Please share your comments below)

What Is Your Beautiful Question?

There are millions of books filled with answers and very few that focus on questions, your questions, powerful questions. . . this is one of those books. When was the last time you read a book that made you think, really think, about your own beautiful questions?


That’s what Warren Berger does and so much more. This book has been my travel companion for the last few weeks: over coffee, over dinner, over my comforter. I simply can’t put it down.

It’s more than a business book. It’s more than a creativity book. It’s a life book.

Yours will never be the same. You’ll be on the self-discovery ride of your life.


To quote E. E. Cummings: “Always the beautiful answer who asks a more beautiful question.”

As you enjoy your own beautiful journey—may you create space along your paths to ask yourself a few beautiful questions.

Happy Reading!

What new question have you been inspired to ask yourself? (Please share your ‘question’ below)

Why Savoring Enhances Your Well-being

James and I spent Saturday at a local garden center smelling herbs, rubbing leaves, and picking greens. I was in heaven. With a long winter behind us, I’m ready to get growing. I’m ready to roll up my sleeves, play in the dirt, and make some mistakes.

Spring growing is an experience I savor. It keeps me engaged, alert, and alive. I feel a sense of wholeness.

My Spring Mix On My Deck

My Spring Mix On My Deck

Here’s why the art of savoring enhances your well-being:

    1. You feel more joy– When you slow down and savor any good experience—you feel more and more joy. What do you do wholeheartedly that fills you with joy?

    2. You feel revived– Think of an experience that left you reenergized, refreshed, and renewed. What are you doing?

    3. You feel whole– When you feel most yourself, complete, at your fullness. . . where are you?

As you move around this Spring, be aware of what makes you feel alive, revived, and whole. Pay attention to where your joy comes from. Chances are it’s something you savor. In that case, here’s to doing more and more of it.

When you are filled with immense joy— where are you? What are you doing? (Please share your comment below)

Do You Need to Getaway?

It’s a question I asked myself last week. My answer is yes. After a long winter and longer work days I need a few days to do, well, nothing. I need time to step back, reflect, and renew. I’ve been moving at 85 miles an hour and need to drop it to 30, if only for a few days.

What about you? Do you need to getaway?

Image Credit: Nicholas Raymond

Image Credit: Nicholas Raymond

You may need a getaway if:

  • You’ve worked 8, 10, or 12 hour days for months at a time
  • Your time off hasn’t really been time off (It was filled with doctor’s appointments and errands)
  • You can’t remember the last time you took time off

So, how do you getaway?

  • Think getaway– start with a getaway mindset and unplug from one thing that drains you (start with just one)
  • Plan getaway– be intentional and plan to visit a space that inspires you (in your backyard, local park, or a nearby lake)
  • Commit to getaway– put you on your calendar, in ink. Don’t let anything—except death, change your plans. Commit and go.

Getaways are less about fancy vacation spots and more about finding a space to step back, reflect, and reconnect to you. It’s a breathing space. A space to toss out questions and catch answers. A space where you’re nurtured and inspired. Wherever you feel that is your getaway.

Here’s to more chances to think, plan, and commit to getting away. To your well-being!

Where is your getaway? (Please share your comment below)

Enjoy this inspirational video by Simple Truths, First Thing Every Morning. It’s been said, “How you begin each morning controls the outcome of the day.” I definitely found this to be true.

I’ve also found when the morning is not what you hoped, you can turn it around. You get to decide. Every moment you’re given a choice. Take it. Run with it.

Have a beautiful morning!

What is a must have part of your morning? (Please share your comment below)

How to Light Up Your Day. . . and Lift Your Mood

I have a tough time with 5pm sunsets in early Fall. The darkness dims my mood. The loss of light makes me feel less creative, less inspired, and less myself. I just feel. . . blah.

I’ve discovered a few things to shake me up, light my day, and lift my mood. A few tweaks to my routine that make a big difference in how I feel, think, and work. A few I’d love to share with you.

Image Credit: Kay Gaensler

Image Credit: Kay Gaensler

If less light makes you feel less creative, less inspired, or less yourself, try these 3 things:

  • Hang a beautiful picture- nothing will light up your day like a beautiful photo. It will quietly speak to you. Find something with colors you love in a setting you can’t live without.
  • Flood your home space with light- add light to a cozy and comfortable space. Wherever you spend your mornings with a cup of tea, or your evenings with a book, add light to the space. It’s sure to lift your mood.
  • Flood your work space with natural beauty- in addition to light, add a small plant or water feature to your work space. These small changes will not only relax and inspire you, you may do some of your best thinking and problem solving in a space that feeds you.

As we inch closer to Spring, tuck these well-being tips away for darker days. May your heart, soul, and days light up!

To your well-being!

What challenges do you face with darker days? (Please share your comments below)

More Than Accomplishments, Celebrate Your Attempts

It’s easy to get caught up in accomplishments. Completed task one, check. Task two, check. Task three. . . check. I’m the first to admit the sense of completeness I feel from getting stuff done. Where I fall short is the feeling of incompleteness I feel when things don’t get finished. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Life is all about finishing. Or is it?

I’ve discovered through pain and pause, trial and error, challenge after challenge, that life is more than product—its process. There is beauty and grace in attempts. In not racing for the finish, but in relishing the middle and keeping your rhythm until you reach the end.

Image Credit: istockphoto.com/sunset

Image Credit: istockphoto.com/sunset

Whenever you’re tempted to race for the end, here’s how you can relish the middle:

1. Ask yourself, “What did I shoot for?” Celebrate your big thinking and vast dreaming. That in itself is a feat. It takes courage to think of doing big things.

2. Ask yourself, “Why do I care?” Celebrate your commitment and passion to something that matters. Chances are you want to make a difference.

3. Tell yourself, “I’m doing my very best.” Celebrate your tenacity, grit, and determination to do whatever it takes. Yes. You are that good.


You will get there. It may not be today, but you will get there. So, while you’re reflecting on today’s accomplishments, don’t let the sun set without celebrating your attempts. By relishing your middle with beauty and grace, you will arrive at the end. Celebrating you and attempt, after attempt, after attempt.

To your well-being!

Where can you relish your middle? (Please share your comment below)